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EagleEye 365 integrates and strengthens all 3 lines of defense.

Ist line of defense

Management reporting, Process controls automation, Continuous security monitoring, Analytics.
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2nd line of defense

Enterprise risk management Compliance (ERM, SEC, & other), Financial reporting.
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3rd line of defense

Internal audit, Risk management, for more effective internal controls and corporate governance
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ROI and Savings, Risk Reduction, and Continuous Monitoring in REAL TIME

Intone Continuous Control Monitoring (EagleEye 365) connects security, risk management, compliance, audit, and accounting/finance and operational executives. This end-to-end enterprise platform integrates key GRC functional requirements of security, risk management, incident management, data visualization/ virtualization, continuous control monitoring, continuous auditing and fraud and compliance management into one single solution.

Why Choose EagleEye 365


Centralized access to live data eliminates the need for copies, while empowering end-users with autonomous yet traceable access to only the specific data that they need.


EagleEye 365 not only automates your controls but also monitors exceptions and alerts you based on the alert preferences you’ve already defined.


EagleEye 365 enables you to automate controls that were previously manual, saving you time, reducing errors, and reducing your costs.


EagleEye 365 integrates with over 600 industry-standard data sources, including both structured and unstructured data. It enhances your existing applications by connecting them with one another and with external data.

EagleEye 365 Platform –
The Complete Solution


ERM solutions
Data solutions
Process Automation solutions

EagleEye 365 Platform Architecture

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EagleEye 365 has the solution for all your audit and automation needs with minimal man effort and maintenance.


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