IntoneSwift handles every phase of Data Management.

IntoneSwift provides all of these capabilities in a single tool

600+ data and application connectors

Transforms data while you load

Distributed in- memory operations at 10x performance

Supports real-time, streaming & batch processing of data

Supports unlimited heterogeneous data source combinations

Encrypts data at every stage

Quick view of data at connector level

Captures lineage at every data integration

Eye-catching monitoring module that gives real- time updates

Generates knowledge graph for all data integrations done

Centralized password management

No Code / Low Code platform

IntoneSwift handles every phase of a data migration

1. Data Mapping

IntoneSwift helps you map attributes between your legacy and new systems.Mappings created on our low-code platform make your migration plan more reliable.

2. Data Extraction

IntoneSwift can extract data from any of over 600 sources, including structured, unstructured, & external data.

3a. Data Loads

IntoneSwift can load data into any of 600+ destinations.

3b. Data Standardization

IntoneSwift enables a phased migration plan, rather than the high-risk “big bang” approach. Along the way, iCCM provides native data functions on the fly, helping you to transform your legacy data into formats supported by your new system.

4. Data Pipelines

Complex migration plans have dependencies that require steps to be executed in a certain order, including handshakes between the two systems. IntoneSwift helps you build the necessary data pipelines, which can be task-dependent or time- dependent

5. Reconciliations

IntoneSwift’s low-code platform enables you to do a reconciliation to confirm the accuracy of your migration, and to confirm the mappings on data volumes, business columns, etc.

IntoneSwift Supports All Data Processing Speeds


Processes data in milliseconds, so analyzing all the collected data is impractical. Use it or discard it.


Processes data within 1 to 10 seconds, as fast as it is received. The slower the throughput, the higher the latency.


Processes data in high volumes, all at once. Data collection need not be rushed, as it is typically done only once a day.

IntoneSwift vs Other Data Migration Tools