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As we all know automation reduces human intervention by using technology, but in some cases, it becomes difficult and almost impossible as few organizations still follow the older way of doing things such as using paperwork to communicate between processes, following the handwritten way of signing off things.

Process Workflow

With its built-in data integration connectors to over 600 other systems and data sources (see Integrations section below), EagleEye 365 can help you to configure your own workflows and to automate almost any process, such as:

Approval Management
Finance and Billing
Customer Onboarding
HR Management
Order to Cash
Issue tracking
Procurement Process
Service requests
IT Helpdesk

Messages & Alerts

Automation, analytics, and dashboards can take you far, but not far enough on their own. They’re useful only if you receive and understand their results at the right time. That’s why we built a ticketing and alerting system inside the EagleEye 365 platform itself, which is fully integrated with all of EagleEye 365’s other modules. It allows you to specify the desired alerts, tolerance thresholds, and escalation workflow for each type of flagged transaction. EagleEye 365 can also integrate with other alerting systems that you might already be using.


Before EagleEye 365 can automate, test, and monitor your internal controls, it must first be able to connect with a wide variety of other vendors’ systems where your transactions and other events originate . That’s why we’ve built-in data connectors that enable EagleEye 365 to integrate with over 240 data sources, including software systems, servers, machines, relational databases, files, APIs, spreadsheets, emails, and other unstructured data. Click below to see the full list of data sources that can be integrated with EagleEye 365.

Low-Code No-Code Development

EagleEye 365’s user interface allows you to do most of your customizations on-the-fly, without any knowledge of coding.i For more complex customizations, EagleEye 365’s No-Code Low-Code platform enables our in-house developers to leverage EagleEye 365’s flexible, rapid development platform to tailor EagleEye 365 to each client’s needs without writing lots of code. As a result, our team can devote more of their focus to continually enhancing EagleEye 365’s functionality, and our clients can avoid long delays and excessive fees during the implementation process.

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