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Real-time Reporting & Monitoring

Through EagleEye 365 Real-time reporting it is possible to record and report an event at the moment it occurs at the source. In the traditional approach, most organizations used to gather their reports during quarterly or monthly intervals, but with real-time reporting, companies can now view and access their reports and other data right as it is happening – in real-time!


Real-Time Reporting allows you to monitor things as it happens at source systems. These reports are revised continuously, and each request is addressed in milliseconds. For example, you can see how many invoices are duplicated when it comes to the system, find the intruder devices gained access to your networks, and so on.

How It Works

Enabling your need of monitoring things in real-time is as easy as plugging in a device. Our pre-built streaming pipelines included inside the box helps you achieve this. What you need to do is

Identify a prebuilt pipeline based on your data source.

Configure the pipeline to be able to connect to your source.

Develop controls and subscribe to the pipeline.

Schedule it in real-time.

With these simple steps, your audit and analytics are always the latest.

Why should it be Real-Time?


EagleEye 365’s real-time reports can be easily configured and filtered on-demand, providing one place for centralized views of test results by aggregating relevant data from across multiple systems.


Because EagleEye 365 has built-in data integrations with over 600 of the most widely used transaction systems, its centralized views eliminate the tedious work of exporting flagged transactions into Excel and redundantly documenting and analyzing them there.


Automate your processes and configure your control tests to achieve more coverage faster and with less effort.


EagleEye 365 control test results provide clickable links to the context and data lineage of each transaction, all the way back to the source system(s) where it originated.

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