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EagleEye 365 Analytics lets you measure your audit ROI, track your process performance by measuring systematic computed risk rate. It is used for the discovery of meaningful KPIs and KRIs in data which helps towards effective decision-making.

Alert Dashboard

The Alert Dashboard provides both summary and detailed views of both control execution logs and test results across all of your business processes. risk score, incidents (i.e., control failures), issues raised, escalations, and more. Without any coding knowledge, you can configure your dashboard display to focus on the data points that are most relevant to you.

Realtime Reporting and Monitoring

EagleEye 365’s dynamic, real-time reports completely remove latency from your monitoring efforts and decisions, giving you degrees of accuracy, timeliness, and confidence that were not available a few years ago. In contrast, most organizations have been forced to rely on periodic reports that are static, rendering them obsolete almost immediately.

Advanced Analytics

Till now organizations saw a traditional way of auditing and analyzing historical or near real-time data. But that’s all reactive. This even leads to a false perspective in decision making. Keeping these in mind we designed EagleEye 365 such that it understands the trend of your data insights and identifies all the outliers, which makes you proactive. In most cases, organizations are habituated to look at audit and analytics the way it’s followed by all, but EagleEye 365  with its intelligence will suggest to you what all you should audit, what all metrics you need to look at for a better audit and analysis.

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